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RDG, a leading supplier of underground cable and pipe location, camera inspection and sewer rehabilitation equipments. Its products are vital safety tools for any industry involved in digging activities from major utility companies to horizontal drilling, drainage, inspection, contractors and more..

Utility companies worldwide rely on Cable & Pipe Locator to prevent accidental damage to buried underground utility services when excavating. Trenchless technologies enable pipe-laying companies to direct the drill and so speed up installation of utilities. It also reduces environmental impact. Down-hole inspection products use the latest digital CCTV in difficult environments to enable any pipeline owner or contractor to perform regular inspection and maintenance, troubleshooting and repairing sewer and other pipes. Cable Fault Detection and Pinpoint products quickly locate problems such as breaks or deteriorating cable insulation......

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"RDG making your next development and construction project safer, quicker and more cost effective."

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