Title : Utility Mapping Course with Ministry of Urban Wellbeing, Housing and Local Government (KPKT) - 14 November 2014
KPKT has recently organized a 3 day Utility Mapping Course on 14th October until 16th October at Ministry of Urban Wellbeing, Housing and Local Government Building Putrajaya.

On the second of the course 15th October, RDG SUPPLY has given the mandate to give practical training on collecting data using vLocPro2 Pipe Cable Locator & Opera Duo Ground Penetrating Radar in the morning session and GPR data processing in the evening session.

This course was successfully organized and received a great response about 50 participants from various Utility Mapping related industry, government agencies, statutory bodies, state authorities and organizations.

The Objectives of this course was:

• To give an understanding about the basic principles of utility mapping.
• To learn the technique of utility surveying on site and data processing as well as production utility plan.
• To expose more detail about the latest equipment of technology utility mapping used in the country.

vLocPro2 Pipe Cable Locater Training on site at Putrajaya Presint 4 with various agencies

Collecting data using Opera Duo the freshest and most versatile of Ground Penetrating Radar

Mr. Ricky gives explanations and demonstrations on Metal Locator

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