Venue: Birawa Assembly Hall Menara Bidakara Jakarta, Indonesia.

Date: 21 – 23 April 2015


The IWWEF (Indonesia Water & Wastewater Expo and Forum) the big event, which was organized bythe Indonesian Water Supply Association (PERPAMSI) has been see conferences, seminars andexhibitions.


The Indonesian Water Supply Association (PERPAMSI) unites all local water companies (PDAM) throughout Indonesia. Founded in 1972, PERPAMSI now has 394 PDAM members along with 115 special members. The primary focus was to improve the capacity of its members and their performances in water supply. PERPAMSI and its members played a key role in reducing the number of Indonesian population without access to safe drinking water by half, as mentioned in the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs)


Four hundreds of PDAM representatives, as well as government representatives were attend the events. The speakers were experts—both local and foreign. Various international organizations with concerns on water and sanitation were also invited, including experts from the Asian Development Bank and AUSAID. More than 5,000 people were expected to attend the event. Just like the previous event, this year’s edition of the IWWEF has been also feature exhibitions on drinking water and sanitation. The event was also be enlivened by various attractions.


RDG Supply Sdn Bhd was invited as an exhibitor in this big event and was the only one company from Malaysia that participates in this event.

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