Cascading Geo-Hazard Research Initiative Sabah - 3 July 2015

Venue: 7th floor Menara Razak, UTM KL


a. Issues and problems on geological hazards

b. Input and research framework for geo hazard

c. Existing research activities and new initiatives

d. International & national collaboration and contacts

This activity invloved various important party and keyperson include Geological, Geotechnical, Surveyor, Remote Sensing Person, Researcher from UTM, UKM, UITM, State Government and Industry.

The important of this activity was to create Disaster Risk Management. Discussion various measures for Disaster Risk Reduction include early warning, land use planning and structural mitigation. Knowledge on the tools which can use for implementing various measure need to have in oder to reduce disaster risk. Preparedness, prevention, recovery, response were development pattern that can reduce hazard risk. 

RDG SUPPLY is one of the industry that will be able to established Radar Technology named it 'IBIS FS' for remotely monitor various application such as structural load testing,structral displacement and collapse hazards as well as cultural heritage preservation without needing direct access to the site or the use of any invasive equipment. It is able to perform dynamic monitoring applications including structural resonance frequency measurements, structural modal shape analysis and real time deformation monitoring.

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