VM-540 Sonde Locator

The VM-540 Sonde Locator comes standard with sonde/camera frequencies of 512Hz, 640Hz and 33kHz, making it compatible with the major push cameras and crawler cameras on the market. In addition to a visual peak bar graph that reaches its peak when over the sonde, a matching audible tone is heard which is loudest when over the sonde. The dot matrix display in the VM-540 shows a peak response in a bar graph with matching signal strength numbers, battery condition, speaker level, frequency setting and depth to the sonde with the push of a button.

The VM-540 sonde locator is equipped with a “Passive” Power Mode which will detect the presence of power lines, and some metallic pipes which radiate 60Hz from nearby or overhead power lines.

Powered by two AA alkaline batteries that typically provide 20 hours of use, the VM-540 is designed for reliable daily use.

Key Features:
  • Compact design
  • Simple operation
  • Visual and audio response
  • Pushbutton depth reading
  • Passive “Power” mode detects live cables
  • Ergonomic and lightweight at 1.3 lbs/0.62kg

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Sonde and Sonde Locator Sales SheetPDF
VM-540 Sonde Locator Sales SheetPDF
VM-540 Rx Technical SpecificationsPDF
VM-540 User GuidePDF
VM540 VM550 VM560 AppExe

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