DR-4 - Most versatile mapping system

The DR-4 has proven to be the most versatile and unique multi-purpose pipeline mapping system. With a proven track record on every continent and in most pipeline segments, this multi-diameter system has easy handling features and provides the most accurate positional data location. 

A unique system of exchangeable centralizing wheel-sets gives the DR-4 an operational range of ID90mm (3.5") and up. Whether the pipeline is made of steel, concrete, PE or PVC, this mapping system will improve any horizontal directional drilling (HDD) implementation procedure. 

A selection of invert wheel-sets are also available to map pipes with tight access and/or lateral feeder lines. 

DR-4 - Technical Specifications

  • Probe Length : 504mm / 20"
  • Outer diameter : 42mm / 1.7"
  • Probe weight (excl. spacers) : 2 kg / 4lb
  • Measurement inclination range : +45° to -45°
  • Pipe ID operating range : 80mm and up
  • Maximum Pulling Force : 150kg/300Lb
  • Maximum Travelling Speed : 2m/sec
  • Data logging rate : 100 Hz
  • Battery type / autonomy : Lithium ion / 5 hours
  • Operating temperature : 0°C/32°F to 50°C/120°F

DR-4 - Key Operating Features

  • Large diameter range
  • Unaffected by magnetic influences
  • No lengthy calibration or roll test required prior to use
  • Adaptable fittings for bespoke survey situations
  • Water resistant up to 5 bar / 75 psi
  • Data output compatible with most software programs

Operational Procedure

Gyro OMU Mapping For Level-A Quality Data Requirement
For HDD Installed Ducts In Malaysia

Roadmap Of Gyro OMU Introduction, Evaluation, Requirement and Implementation In Malaysia 2009-2020.

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DR-4/ABM-90 Centralizing wheel-sets

Measurement accuracy is directly related to the degree that the OMU is aligned with the direction of the pipe it is measuring. The standard centralizing wheel-sets are especially designed to ensure an optimal alignment in the pipe. The standard sets cover a pipe ID range from 90mm up to 1000mm.
Other sizes can be designed to your specifications.

DR-4/ABM-90 Invert wheel-sets

For sectors like waste/flood water infrastructure and relining projects, Reduct offers a range of invert wheel units that enables the user to run the DR-4 probe along the invert of a pipe. Due to its position and large wheel sizes, the invert wheel set can pass lateral connections and pipe deformations with ease. The minimum pipe ID required is 150mm/6".

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