Compatible with ARGUS 800 probes and MUCAM T800 cameras, TIVE 800 3DSIZER features an integrated battery, 6.4 inch screen and USB key image recording. When connected to probes fitted with distal stereo tips, the unit enables high precision, three-dimensional “in situ” measurements.

  • 6.4 inch VGA screen
  • JPEG and MPEG audio-video recording on USB key
  • Integrated image processing device to manage several operational procedures, in particular “stereo” and “comparison” measurements
  • 10-button keypad for access to TIVE 800 processing functions, probe or camera video functions adjustments and remote operation of ARGUS 800 articulation
  • External AC power supply or internal rechargeable battery


  • Audio headset, VGA output, USB key
  • Probe or camera
  • Fast charger or external power supply 

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